Me: Inside & Out, Inc.
Me: Inside & Out, Inc.

Who We Are

Dedicated to helping you become more resilent to the stressors of everyday life at work and at home. Resilience improves your health, your wealth, your relationships and your life.  



What We Do

Teach you multiple tools that you can use immediately to: reduce stress, anxiety, fear, worry, improve sleep, reduce Blood Pressure, decrease pain, decrease need for prescription medications, improve your relationships and put you on the road to more joy, peace and contentment in your everyday life.  Helping you to Regulate, Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Heal.  



How We Do It 

Life Coaching 

HeartMath Coaching//Training

EmWave and Inner Balance technology


Energy Healing

Remote Healing


Indepth knowledge of medical conditions from Advanced Registered Nurse Practioner (ARNP) 

Prayer and Spiritual Counseling 

Face to Face, Remotely, On-line, Group Presentations and Classes. 




Welcome to our website.

I am in the business of helping you to remodel, renovate or overhaul your life!  Let's face it,  LIFE HAPPENS and sometimes you get in a rut, living in the same old routine with the same old thoughts, habits, pain, health problems, diseases, relationships and just NOT Feeling good about you or your life in general.  I am here to help you to change that because when you learn new ways to deal with the issues of life, your life will change.    


Want to know more about my business and the services I offer? Use my website to get detailed information about me and my dedication and experience to help Rejuventate and Heal.  I am looking forward to helping you overhaul and remodel your inner architecture creating a new energy blueprint that helps you to rejuvenate, build resilience and heal your life  Inside and Out. 


Providing a personalized blend of holistic tools to help you Overhaul,Remodel, Rejuvenate and become more Resilient to the Stresses of Life.

Contact Us Today!

Me Inside and Out Inc.

Orlando, Florida 32806

Phone: 407-963-9715


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