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Contact me immediately and lets create a blueprint for your remodel .


INDIVIDUALS:  Be willing to commit to at least 5 sessions and be willing to do the work.

Can you meet face to face or will we need to plan on a distance process.   

What is your most most critical need? Is it health, wealth or relationships?


WORKPLACE: Help your employees understand the corporate climate and how their values fit into the mission of the business. Offer this service as an employee incentive or health benefit. Offer a group session before a strategic planning meeting to increase team building and group effectiveness or ongoing training. 

SCHOOLS: Improve job satisfaction for teachers, reduce their stress and help them love their careers. Offer classroom instruction for improved study skills, test taking and reduction of high risk behaviors. Students become more focused, happier, and learn to rely on their own intrinsic motivational strengths to increase performance.


Relationships, Business and Performance are all expansions of what goes on inside the individual. Communications, Alignment with Company Missions, Productivity, Risk Management, Employee/Customer Satisfaction and Peak Performance in Sports, School or Performing Arts are all impacted by the emotional climate that is felt internally by the individual. Helping Individuals connect with their personal, family, team member or company values instantly begins a transformation process that will lead to success in all areas of life.


As you can see an overhaul and remodel can benefit everyone. Plan a short motivational workshop, all day seminar or offer the benefit of individual, family or on-going group sessions as a work incentive/benefit.  


Contact me for collaboration to develop your blueprint plan. I am very experienced in public speaking and teaching and has taught to all size groups, all professions and ages.  I can take your particular concern, create the best program for your needs and find a way to make everyone feel rejuvenated.  Helping your employees overhaul and rejuvenate their lives will improve employee relations, increase retention, elevate creativity and productivity and we all know happy employees make for better customer service.

.Discount packages are available for 5 session commitment  

Payments can be made by credit card through PayPal. Payment for packages must be received in full prior to time of service in order to receive discount. All payments are due at time of service.


 Unfortunately, we cannot take health insurance but if requested can provide you with a detailed program service description which you can submit to insurance or HSA for possible reimbursement.


Collaboration with your primary care provider or specialist can be arranged if you are working on a health related issue and require that service. Time spent with this process is part of your  package.





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