Me: Inside & Out, Inc.
Me: Inside & Out, Inc.


Hi I'm  Jeane (like in a bottle) Cole and my sincere desire is the help you know the reality of a life that feels good.    As a Nurse Practitioner and energy healer I honed my skills working in a medical environment where I could immediately see vital signs (heart rate, oxygen levels, body temperature and blood pressure) change with significant improvements.  I have worked on several thousand people, both adults and children. I am what many call a "Medical Intuitive".  My hands seem to receive messages from every cell in the body, they tell me details of what has happened to them and where the ""condition, situation, disease or perception change" happened.  I have worked with people with all types of chronic illness, even in comas, with successful healing.  Sometimes the healing comes immediately, sometimes it comes in layers. I do not view myself as the healer but I help the body receive the Dunamis power of healing, meaning achieving the excellence of the soul, and the magnificent process of forgiveness.  The Hawaiian's say "Forgiveness is the first medicine".  So many times in working on people I find that cells in their body are holding on to resentment, intolerance and jealousy of each other creating unbelievable internal chaos, no healing or feeling good can come of that. I also find that little things that we would consider inconsequential can be held in the body and again create great turmoil.  When we reveal these things, create an atmosphere of love and forgiveness the healing takes place.    


Besides being a Nurse Practitioner  who understands medical diagnosis and treatment, 

  • I am certified and trained in many healing techniques; Energy Healing, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, HUNA, Homeopathy, Spiritual Response Therapy, Lactation Counseling, Image Development, Spiritual Counseling, Science of the Mind, The Art of Manifestation,  Heart Healing, Remote Viewing or Non Local Communication, Imago Relationship Therapy, EFT  and I am a Certified HeartMath Coach and Trainer.
  •  My knowledge of these practices allows me to integrate them to help you find the best tools to become more resilient and feel rejuvenated.
  • I work with all ages, individuals, couples, families, high risk teens, people with chronic health conditions and those with disabilities.
  • Provided consulting to business owners in relationship building, team development and image consulting.
  • Public speaking, seminars and workshops have led me to present to groups as large as 3000 and as small as 2.
  • I've authored articles for professional journals to local newsletters, participated as Board Member and Leader in many venues and helped to establish protocols regarding National Health Policies.




ME: Inside & Out, Inc. reflects the understanding that what's going on inside (your energy blueprint) determines what you see in your outside world.  You can increase your resilience and how you stand up to stress, disease and imbalance for the rest of your life. 

LOVE ME: Inside & Out


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