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HANDS ON ENERGY HEALING;  I am a medical intuitive and developed my own techinque of practice.  When working on someone, it is as if every cell in the body is telling me their story about what has happened to cause the problems.  I have been trained and  certified in Energy healing and spiritual counseling through many venues and have used this to develop my own process.


AROMATHERAPY: Your nose is always working, therefore every emotion you experience, has a scent attached to it and is stored in the memory area of the brain. Aromatherapy can help to release emotions. It can also improve your immune system, elevate your  mood and protect your spirit. Nutritional Supplements:   I sometimes recommend other nutritional supplements such as Probiotics, Vitamins, Minerals or Enzymes and the use of Non-toxic cleaning products  to decrease the imbalance in your body that cleaning chemicals may cause. These are so safe you could drink them but yet effective in cleaning.  I invite you visit my oil website and get started on this method. If you want to do some wealth building, sign up as a business owner. Just click on the website and sign up or give me a call and I will help you through the process.


REMOTE HEALING: Non-local healing is a form of energy healing/prayer that is performed at a distance, it doesn't matter where you are, we can connect. 
HEARTMATH (tm)  Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor and Trainer, I use multiple tools to improve your health, productivity, leadership, test taking, communications and behavior. IT IS EASY TO COACH BY PHONE SO LOCATION IS NOT A PROBLEM.


HYPNOSIS; I am certified in hypnosis, regression and entity release


Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner  certification in Primary Care with indepth medical knowledge and ability to work with your healthcare providers if you desire.

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